Ingrid Antohi

introdus la 01.12.2010


Desi literatura de specialitate ofera clinicianului indicatii orientative privind tratamentul bolii glaucomatoase, acesta ramane totusi un “puzzle” complex, cu multiple piese a caror importanta asupra succesului final variaza larg de la o persoana la alta.
In 1969 trabeculectomia a semnificat un pas major in chirurgia glaucomului, devenind primul procedeu filtrant protejat. Efectuata la momentul oportun si nu doar ca ultima solutie terapeutica, trabeculectomia ofera o degajare presionala maxima cu o rata redusa a complicatiilor. Moorfield Safer Surgery System reuneste o serie de modificari benefice aduse trabeculectomiei clasice, modificari ce conduc la cresterea eficientei si sigurantei procedeului chirurgical.

Cuvinte cheie: trabeculectomie, eficienta, siguranta

Althought the literature provides approximate guidance on the treatment of glaucoma, it remains a complex puzzle with multiple pieces whose importance to the ultimate success varies wildely from a person to another.
In 1969 trabeculectomy signified a major step in glaucoma surgery, becoming the first protected filtering procedure. Performed timely, not as a last therapy resort, trabeculectomy provides a maximum intraocular pressure reduction with a low rate of complications. Moorfield Safer Surgery System combines a number of beneficial chances to the classic trabeculectomy, changes leading to increased efficiency and safety of surgical procedure.

Key words: trabeculectomy, efficiency, safety